Top 5 Mistakes You Are Making In Your Whitepaper

Whitepaper plays a significant role in the success of the ICO. Every blockchain and token company has a whitepaper. It helps them to show their customers why they are the best, the mission their token will accomplish and how they will be beneficial for the company. Without a well-structured whitepaper, the ICO companies cannot succeed. It has been found that many companies pay particular attention to the whitepapers while writing them. However, they are still making lots of mistakes.

Here are some of the common mistakes that you might have been making while writing your white papers.

Not identifying the target audience

A common mistake that most of the ICO companies make while writing their whitepaper is that they are unable to mention their target audience. This is the reason that customers get confused whether the services provided by the company are authentic or not. It is essential that you explicitly mention companies and customers that you are targeting.

Not explaining why your project needs blockchain

Those days are gone when you will only write that your ICO is decentralised and customers will come rushing towards your store investing in your tokens. In this age of advancement and technology, customers need proof. They want you to show them that why you are the best and what makes you different from all the other types of tokens that are available in the market.

Underestimating the team requirements

Most of the ICO token developers underestimate the importance of the team that they require. Most of the developers think that they are enough for the maintenance of the business. They do not know that their background and team is what the customers want to know about. If you fail to provide all the required information in the whitepaper there are chances that you will not be able to attract more customers.

Not telling a story

Many people mention all the facts and figures in the whitepaper, but they forget to mention a story. Remember that a story will connect the audience emotionally with your products.

  • Your whitepaper should star with something painful
  • It should show your customers that how their problems can be resolved with the technology.
  • The story should sound realistic and engaging so that the customers will be forced to read till the end.

Overutilization of words

There are many people that make the mistake of overutilization of the keywords. In the same paragraph, they will add the keyword at least 4 to 5 times that is very irritating for the customers and give the wrong impression. It is important that you maintain a decent keyword density and only use it a few times in the whitepaper.

Bottom line

Before you have to write your ICO whitepaper it is important that you brainstorm the ideas. Write down all the important things on which page that helps you stand out from the rest of your competitors because that is the only way to show your customer that you can provide better services and value. While writing assures that you keep the whitepaper simple and easy to understand with all the important information.