In last few years Jag read hundreds of books. Out of hundreds, the following is his list of must read books for achievers. The task to shortlist few wasn’t easy, although his criteria was very simple. These are books he has read and liked, made a huge difference in his life. He chose books that take a comprehensive approach to money, life, personal development, inner-peace and spirituality because he knows that one dimensional success really isn’t success at all.

These books have actionable steps to take, you will learn things, but Jag feels that their true purpose is to inspire, motivate and guide you towards your true purpose.


The following are the recommended website building tools for your business or personal needs




Use Wordpress for any new website builds. Here is the step by step guide for beginners  on how to build a website using wordpress. Wordpress is free, you only pay for hosting 




If you like to build a website without any technical skills then Wix provides a good website builder tool for you to consider. Wix is a combined hosting and website builder, which includes both hosting & website building tool. 


weebly 512


Weebly is similar to Wix, both provides drag & drop editors for website building. 

Compare Weebly & Wix 


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E-commerce Website 

If you looking to build an online store, look no further then Shopify. It is an online platform for e-commerce websites. Very easy drag & drop options to create online store within few minutes. Payments systems are already integrated and you don’t need to worry about any coding. Just use one of the existing templates and start selling.  Obviously once you have tested your business model, you may want to move out of Shopify to create your own hosted website as they keep a percentage of your sales. 





Business Mastery – By Tony Robbins 

This 5 day course alone will give you more than 2 years of an MBA.