Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Master Mind

Master Mind Group to help you Create, Launch & Market Your Product!

Exclusive Community of like minded people!


Introducing MVP MM

Introducing a radical new approach to taking your idea from your mind to the market. Our exclusive MVP MM Group is a training & mentoring program that will help you with: 

  1. Creation – How to validate and build your idea into a product
  2. Launch – How to take your product to the market 
  3. & Market – How to find your market niche and sell your MVP



Idea to MVP

Not all product succeed from the word “go”. In fact, the extreme uncertainty of a new product or service requires revisions to the idea at different stages of product development, or “pivots” to find a successful formula. In this program, you’ll learn how to use the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) philosophy to test and validate your ideas with the least amount of work required. The ultimate goal is to get to product/market fit. Take your idea and get moving in the right direction quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, learn ways to analyse a product fail, how to make a comeback and assess the option of re- launching.


Idea -> Startup -> Enterprise

  • Be part of the exclusive community of like minded people!
  • How to validate your idea without any assumptions
  • How to convert your idea into well-structured and testable hypotheses
  • Know why you need an MVP and how you can build one quickly
  • Learn why metrics are important for a new product idea. Know how to identify the metrics that matter when you launch, how to measure them, and how to use them post launch.
  • Know how to iterate and improve your MVP as you learn more about your idea and it’s market value.
  • Learn how to launch your MVP to the market
  • Know how to find & validate your target market
  • How to make customers pay for your MVP
  • How to take it to the next level
  • Mentored by Jag himself!

Why I created this program?

I work with lot of startups on daily basis and I have noticed that despite the tones of very good books and training on lean methods startups have problems with applying this knowledge in practice. The interesting thing was that those problems were pretty universal regardless of the industry, business model or even whether they were ran independently or supported by big corporations.

What I have noticed is that startup business owners are not looking for more information. They are just looking for someone who has already been on this path to assist them in their journey.

Here’s What You Get?

#1. Two Live Online Master Class Training With Jag and/or Special Guests Every Month ($497 Value)

#2. Fortnightly 1-on-1 Mentoring Calls With Jag ($5000 Value)

#3. One day In-person Event ($999 Value)

#4. Exclusive Access to all recordings of my previous training’s and webinars. You will get it for FREE! (Priceless)

#5. Direct Access to Jag – (Value $999 ) – you will get direct access to me via Facebook Group. You will be able to ask questions!

#6. eBooks (Value $100) – Access to some of the best life changing personal development books

#7. Other Events (Value $2000) – If you are part of the MVP Program, you will have access to Jag’s LIVE Events anywhere in the world as long as you are part of the program.

Total Value: $9596

Pay AUD$497.00 Per Month ONLY!

money back 30 days 1


This is my guarantee that after attending this program for a month, if you decide that this is NOT for you. I will happily refund 100% of your money!


Why Learn From Jag?

  • Jag is a technology evangelist, futurist and Australia’s most sought after technology educator.
  • He is the founder of Second Innings Academy
  • He is teaching what he has been practicing from last 18 years
  • Enterprise Architect by profession, he’s been helping a wide range of clients at both Fortune, 500 and start-up organizations in domestic and global markets
  • His client list includes: IBM, Oracle, Telstra, BHP, AMP, AusNet, NAB, ANZ etc.
  • He is a Serial Entrepreneur and has been building Technology Platforms (SaaS) since 2001 
  • Jag built his first Job Search Platform in 2001 while studying at the University which later was used by most of the universities in Australia
  • His last technology startup was a Cloud Adoption SaaS company helping enterprise clients to migrate to public clouds i.e. AWS, Azure etc.

Total Value: $9596

Pay AUD$497.00 Per Month ONLY!