It was great seeing you yesterday…

It was great seeing you at the Global Supply Chain Conference yesterday (if you attended). If NOT, than you have missed out on a great session.

I want to tell you a story about a famous businessman who change the way we do businesses. His name was Henry Ford…

Ford is often credited for creating one of the greatest breakthroughs in the industrial revolution:

The assembly line.

What most don’t know is that Ford didn’t invent it.

Here is what really happened…

Ford’s mission was to bring cars to the average man. For that, he had to find a way to manufacture cheap cars. He also needed to be able to achieve scale, so he could use the economies of scale to his advantage.

The problem? His production facilities could only produce that many cars. There was too much lag time between each car being individually produced, something he couldn’t control.

He was looking at everything he could get his hands on that could increase efficiency and production.

During this effort, he visited a company in Chicago. This was a meatpacking company. While visiting the facility, he got the idea for how he could make his assembly line become specialized.

This changed everything. That small tweak he found in another industry changed the way cars were built. Model T became an iconic car, and effectively built the Ford company.

Today we are at the same verge on humanity. Technologies like Blockchain changing the world and the way we do businesses.

Blockchain is Not a new technology and it’s been around for years & years but it made famous by Bitcoin

Yesterday I spoke at the Global Supply Chain Conference in Melbourne. Which was a great experience.

I like to encourge you all to be curious and find out more about this technology and how you can integrate the same technology in your business or workplace.

Tomorrow I will running a workshop to help you understand the Wallets behind cryptocurrency and how you can secure your investments.

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