Why I don’t believe in To-Do list

I know most of you think that having a to-do list is very important. You have the concept that without the To-Do list you will not be able to achieve your goals in the best possible manner. However, I am here to challenge this myth. You may not understand that this To-Do list might be slowing them down.

For some tasks, you might need to prepare the To-Do list, but it is better that you do not get used to this system because it can be really dangerous.

After working with so many CEOs and Business Owners I realized that when you make a To-Do list you don’t get the time to think creatively. You will only pay attention to the tasks that you have mentioned in your list and you will be working hard to accomplish the task that you will not even pay attention that some of these tasks could have been accomplished in a new and better way or shouldn’t be here at all.

Have you ever noticed that To-Do list is always keeps growing and never ending? Doesn’t matter how much work you do, everyday when you go to bed, you think you could have done more?

You are working like a machine and all the time you have the To-Do list in your mind that you need to get done.

It makes it really hard if you have been working for someone else your entire life.

Albert Einstein said “Time is illusion”

Einstein did not mean that time does not exist. Rather he meant that time in the theory of relativity is a better description of reality than Newtonian time and that the latter had some illusory features.

You started to live in clock time. Watch this 2 min video to get more understanding of Time

<<<< Time is an illusion >>>>

The biggest disadvantage of the to do list is that you become time bound.

•    You like to accomplish all the tasks in the given time that you have.
•    It will increase the level of stress when you are late or unable to accomplish the tasks that you have mentioned on the list
•    There are chances that you will not get any free time because you have maintained a tight schedule that is filled with small goals and tasks that you have to complete in the given time.

There are many individuals that have the misconception that to do list will help them to manage and accomplish their goals easily.

However, they do not understand that sometimes they have to work on the biggest projects that cannot be divided in the to do list.

If you are used to working with the list it will get hard for you to manage all the tasks at the right time.

You will not be motived to take risks because you have been keeping a list. In this way, there are chances that you will lose many amazing opportunities.

I truly believe It is better that you stop using the to do list because this list is the reason you are wasting your time and talent.

It is better that you try and focus on the goals that you have to accomplish and think some different and creative ways that you can use to achieve your goals.

There are chances that without the to do list you will get a chance to accomplish more than you have imagined so assure that you set your target and work hard to achieve it instead of making the to do lists.

Tomorrow is a public holiday here in Australia so enjoy your Anzac day with family and friends.

Talk to you on Thursday!